Taking an Adult Time Out For the Rest of the Summer #Chillaxing

I have been a stress case lately. All sorts of reasons.

The real estate market is amped up and whipped into a daily frenzy.

My cardiologist is putting me through the ringer with tests that are difficult to dismiss.

I have such full days I cannot find time to clean my own home or do laundry.

I still have not taken my cruiser bike to George’s for a summer tune up.

My garden is pathetic since I planted so darn late.

So, here are the things I am doing to decompress and chill out:

  1. Eliminate alcohol during the week which for me is wine. It’s not easy but it is important for my overall health.
  2. I am going back to my Buddhist sangha to meditate weekly. It feeds my soul.
  3. I do not listen to a book on my morning hike with Murphy. I listen to the stillness.
  4. I do listen to a book on Audible in the evenings instead of television. It’s a performance that exercises my brain.
  5. I somehow find the time to go to the grocery store at the end of the day and purchase fresh ingredients for a fresh meal. I love to cook, even if it is just for me.
  6. I listen to music when I do clean my house. Marvin Gaye Pandora radio as a matter of fact!
  7. I took a drawing class and I have made one night a week to practice my skills. It’s fun!
  8. I am going to buy tickets to a few more concerts before the summer is over. I love music.
  9. I am planning a road trip or two before the end of the summer. I need that break.
  10. I am looking forward to canning this fall. My sister will be here to help me!
  11. I take naps. I need them these days.
  12. I write down daily what gave or gives me joy, what I am grateful for in a special journal. It is a reminder of just how precious life, family and friendships are.

If you can come up with a list, you just may find yourself a bit calmer afterwards. I know I am feeling better after putting this on paper for you.

#LifeLesson #ChillOut #EnjoyLife #Breathe

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