Who Was or Is Your Mentor? #MentorshipIsPowerful

I began working with a real estate team here in Boise in 2017, which is a thing now in this industry. My decision was triggered when I admitted to myself that I was tired of working alone and I knew I needed the support of others who had a good reputation. #WhyNot

What I did not foresee is how much this decision would change my life. This led me to think back to those who had or has influenced me in my real estate career. Here is my list of the mentors in my life that made a difference:

Sun Valley, Idaho
My first real estate job was at Sun Valley Realty, a part of Sun Valley Company. Back then I either ran an office or worked for a top agent in the Wood River Valley. The agents I worked with were the best of the best in the state of Idaho. I watched as a top agent made a daily list of who to call, just to touch base. This is a skill I would later learn was a critical task for success. I also had a broker who was brilliant in real estate practice and real estate law. He was my anchor in how I conduct business to this day. I later worked for the top realtor in Idaho, at that time, who generously gave me the skills for how to interact with clients and customers.

Boise, Idaho
I moved to Boise in 1997 and one of my Sun Valley mentors insisted I get my real estate license. Okay, why not! As I completed the courses and passed the national and state tests, I hit the ground running. After all, I knew the ropes from the ground up. With my organizational skills, I created systems and resources for my clients.

In 2017, I made the decision to grow, to expand, to be a part of something that resonated with my goals, my business, my career. I joined a real estate team and again, hit the ground running. What I did not expect was to learn so much about my industry from the team leader. I never did take advantage of the resources at Keller Williams Realty. Once I learned what I was missing, my career completely changed. Now I am hitting the ground running again, much to my surprise. Mentoring and coaching was the sole reason why. I am so very grateful.

I learned what I did not know.

And, what I learned changed my life.

Moral of the story: You Never Stop Learning

#lifelesson #realestate #realtorlife

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