Giving Up or Giving In, What is It? #ItIsWhatItIs

I have to admit, I am tired of hearing the “it is what it is” phrase. I hear this far too often. Why!!?? Are we giving up with that acknowledgement or are we giving in to what we cannot change?

I think it don’t care for this phrase because I feel it is an unquestionable giving in of sorts, a capitulation of a scope I cannot fathom.

Why do we settle? Why not look for another way? Why not look outside that box we put ourselves in?

I try to seek other solutions to problems or issues I face. As well as people….

First of all, I admit when I am wrong. Yeah, it’s not an easy act to undertake but it is worth it, no matter what and no matter the result. Owing up to mistakes will make you feel better and that is what matters.

Then, I distance myself from a person that has upset me. I just don’t want to take the path of exasperating the situation by saying something I would later regret. I will not react if I can help it. And I distance myself from people that find a way to either drain my energy or invade my space by their selfishness.

When a problem arises, I ask myself a few questions: Is there way to achieve the results in a manner that will meet a halfway mark? What is the real obstacle? Can it be changed? Is it really a yes or a no or can it be a maybe? What would make the situation better and can something be done?

I think being a Realtor with imagination helps me in this process. I see things in ways so many people don’t when they look at real estate. I see a better color or a different light fixture or a different counter-top or even a lattice patio cover.

I see what can be.

It really isn’t what it is, it is what can be.

#LifeLesson #DontGiveUp #LookAgain

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