What is the Tone in Your Daily Life? #GiveADailyGIft

I have been struggling with a topic to write about. I want to be careful and more mindful about resorting to complaining. I have always looked at instances in my life, good or bad, and found a silver lining no matter what.

But the tone of our nation has finally got to me. I can’t seem to shake it.

Let’s face it, if you miss the news one day there is no use going online to watch anything the day after because things change that fast. I am here to remind you all that this is not normal. We should not be accepting the chaos. Nor should we have to be reminded of the goodness in the world, in our community and in our country.

There was a courageous Facebook post this week from a business person in my community that told her story of her yoyo cancer diagnosis. From one stage to a higher stage and then downgraded after a second opinion.

Let me get to my point: the outpouring of support, love, kindness, friendship, help, and encouragement in her post was inspirational. She even wrote on a later post  how much all the replies meant to her, giving her tears of joy instead of fear. One friend wrote this in his post:

“Imagine if we treated one another like this all the time! #globalimpact”


So, instead of allowing the news, the rancor, the anger, social media taunting, and the like to get to me, I am to challenge myself to being more mindful of giving a daily gift to others and the universe. I want you to as well!

Hold the door open for someone
Let someone go ahead in traffic
If someone seems they are in a hurry, give them the spot in front at the register
Pay it forward in a drive through
Smile, it could make someone’s day
Compliment a stranger; it save them that day
Figure out your recycling and repurpose
Volunteer for your favorite charity or non profit
Declutter and donate items, clothes, furniture

In closing, I want to share what Rabbi Goldstein from Poway, California said this weekend:

“I pray for healing in this time of pain and grief, and I ask that we all do something to add more light to combat this evil darkness that’s out there. That can happen through acts of compassion and loving kindness. Everyone needs to be a hero. Everyone needs to step up and do something in the face of terror.”

Let us keep this close to our hearts, in their honor.

#YouGotThis #LifeLesson #Giving #WhatIsYourTone

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  1. Thanks, Laurie. Good stuff, and so very timely. I can certainly relate to feeling down about the current state of affairs. It seems an endless barrage of negativity, and it’s certainly affected me. Sometimes, it’s overwhelming, and it’s easy to feel as though one is powerless to do much if anything about it. Your post is a great reminder that there are things we can all do to combat it through simple acts of humanity. And that’s really what it’s all about — humanity.


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