How About a Day Off? #YouCanDoItToo #DayOff

Last Monday, July 3rd, I realized I did not post to my blog in the morning. Which had me thinking, should I write it now? Then, I my mind went spinning. Why not take that day off? It’s the holiday, right? It was the afternoon and I had not yet gone online. Then I realized that without knowing it, I had taken that day off from what I usually do. I took the day off.

Taking the day off meant the computer, too.

My real estate activity has changed since my business reboot. In fact, I have learned to schedule better, allocate tasks wiser, focus on my clients with balance, which I realized is less time on social media. I’m still a news junkie, don’t get me wrong. But less social media has been a relief.

I can’t even tell you what I did last Monday because my calendar is empty for that day, except for one 5:00 p.m. initial Buyer consultation. I think I slept in – which means until 7:00 a.m., had a full French press coffee carafe, leisurely breakfast. Of course, Zeke and I went for our power walk along a canal path that provides shade from trees and water for him to cool off in. Moving water, clean water.

Taking the day off meant taking life down a notch.

Imagine a day without plans. Without the internet. Without commitments. Without computer nonsense. But with dessert!

It’s difficult to admit that we have become obsessed with internet access, social media, information – true or fake – and worst of all, skewed opinions. I learned last Monday that what we as Americans used to take for granted has fallen by the wayside. We have forgotten to have compassion without an agenda. Or have we? Have we have forgotten to treat others as we would want to be treated? Maybe just maybe no we haven’t. Perhaps we simply need a reminder.

What I am getting at is this: change begins in your heart. Take that day off, think about how you can change your outlook. Smile more often. Hold the door for others. Help a family member or friend when they ask. Listen better with focus. Thank God for the gifts He has given you.


#TakeADayOff #DayOff #LifeLesson #JustBeGood


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