Atlantic Idea House, Boise Bench #BetterFuture

Atlantic Idea house backyard

I have a GREEN designation from the National Association of Realtors, which means I have taken a course in green and sustainable building practices. My passion is green everything, and this particular Realtor® designation is in sync with my beliefs. Less is more nowadays.

I had the distinct pleasure of a private tour of the Atlantic Idea house, a project by the City of Boise’s Energize Our Neighborhoods initiative. I highly recommend visiting this home and if you cannot find the time, I will share the link below.

The home is located south of Overland, a part of the Bench neighborhood. This is a very active area and residents even have their own Facebook page. The home was purchased by the city and renovated as a part of the LIV initiative. The purpose of this is “focusing on sustainable policies, practices and partnerships” for Boise’s future as one of the most livable cities in the country. This will happen with citizen support because we care about Boise.

When you pull up to the house, the first thing you will notice is the xeriscaping in the front yard. And why not, in the afternoons you would want to be out back facing east. The backyard has a rain water barrel for future garden use, compost bin, raised garden beds, even a drought tolerant grass.

As you enter, you will be warmly greeted by refinished red oak floors, which was sub floor back in the days when Boise was growing. I’m talking the 1950’s to the 1960’s.

Looking up, ceiling fan – which every Boise home should have! for circulating air when the windows are open. Next, a ductless heat pump system to heat and cool the house, in every room no less. Smart.

The kitchen features cork flooring, new locally made cabinets, hand painted cabinet knobs from a nearby high school, recycled granite pieces made to fit. The windows in the house are double pane and more or less end up being triple glass frames. Take a look at the photos: super insulation from the windows and then into the walls with blown-in insulation. Even smarter.

There is so much more going on inside the walls, in the products used, in the practices implemented. The short story here is sustainability and smart practices for the community’s future.

What will you do for your home to make it more sustainable, more livable and more desirable for future re-sale? Call me and let’s walk through your home for ideas. After all, I have been known to be called the Idea Girl.

For more on the Atlantic Idea Home:   A model home for a better future

For more about the City of Boise LIV incentive programs:

Special thank you to Amy Parrish from the City of Boise, feature photo credit Boise City








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