What Is Your Path? – Life is NOT #Fake

Since the 2016 Election, we have been inundated with fake this and fake that. Why do we believe that something that has always been a “go to” source is now “fake” when someone is who holds power tells us that? Is life now based on Fear? Aren’t  we better than that? Are we no longer doing our own research for our own facts?

No, we are not.

And, that is my point. We have become a nation of citizens that are now accustomed to acceptance without question. We have become wary of anyone that does not hold our viewpoints. It has become all or nothing.

Are we as Americans so smug that we think we “know it all”?

Yes, to a point. And that is dangerous. We don’t know it all.

From my tiny cottage and my corner here in Garden City, Idaho, I am going get more involved in my community and the surrounding towns of Ada County. I will to delve in to the truth, to research, to fact check when I see nonsense on social media.

Most of all, I will talk to others. Have that conversation. Listen. What are you going to do from now on?

That’s it for today. I cannot sit back and let this topic go.

#listen #lifelesson #notfakenews

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