Why Wait for Tomorrow? #tomorrow always shows up #observeyourworld

A few years back, I wrote about listening to Boise again. I was hanging out in McCall a great deal, and when I moved my mindset back to Boise, I slowly but surely became reacquainted with Boise. It was as if I had just moved to town, I was taking it all in with brand new eyes. This weekend, (a) I stayed in town (b) I did what I wanted (c) I did what I felt like doing and (d) I cooked. And those brand new eyes made an appearance.

Fortunately for me, the new Esther Simplot Park in Boise is just across a bridge over the Boise River, northwest of Whitewater Park in my neighborhood. Zeke and I walk over the bridge and in to the park every day. I have often thought, oh maybe we should go straight on the greenbelt today? But we don’t. Little did I know, but the river flooding has the portion of the greenbelt closed (really closed) just before the ACHD complex and beyond. Good thing we have a pattern we thoroughly enjoy.

On our Saturday and Sunday walks, the Simplot Parks and Veteran’s park are much busier than on the weekdays. The parks are always busy, but on the weekends there are the Idaho style of “throngs” of people. I must add that there are more people than cars, and that’s a good thing.

But the sounds, oh the sounds!

First of all, the birds. The geese and mallard ducks flying overhead, squawking. The kingfishers clacking (is that a word?) as they fly past, the woodpeckers hammering the dead trees trunks, the osprey’s gliding and diving, so much more. The songbirds and hummingbirds are back, too.

In the parks and canal trails nearby, there are families on bikes, friends fishing, couples walking, children laughing, dog owners tossing balls or sticks and the dogs barking back in joy. There are picnics in progress, kayaks floating, even a kite or two in the air.

The current Boise River flow is so strong right now that I can hear it from my house, at least 100 yards away. Parts of the greenbelt that I used to be able to walk are restricted and closed and even have eroded and collapsed from the force of the river. But there are still brave souls that use the greenbelt where they can, to get to the park, to work, to a friend’s house or on a dog walk. We just have to turn around or go around at certain points.

It’s going to rain today and for the next few days. I am going to work from home and enjoy my surroundings. I am going to listen to the sound of the rain from my metal patio cover, wrapped in a fleece blanket on my patio couch. Because for me, it’s self-care this week.

#lifelesson #springsounds #observeyourworld

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