Don’t Live With the Blinds Closed #TalkToEachOther

I always smile when I think about what inspires me to write about each week. Right now, I am in Seattle for a few days, staying at a friend’s house in a lovely, wooded neighborhood. The blinds are closed. I don’t get it, either. The backyard is a beautiful, lush environment that would inspire an artist to paint, a poet to write, a person to take up meditating.

But the blinds are closed.


I don’t know about you, but I feel as if this past week has shown the world that America lives with the blinds closed. Many Americans clearly did not and do not understand the concerns of other Americans in different regions of our country.

I think we are going to open the blinds now.

We must take a long, deep look at what happened. We must make sure America remains a safe place to live, to speak, to write, to gaze in wonder at its beauty. All of us.

Can we open the blinds and leave the bitter rancor behind? How are we going to heal as a nation if trolling remains commonplace? How are we going to heal if our reaction is to file a lawsuit because there is disagreement? I want those in Washington, D.C. to stop the call for investigations that will further divide America! Enough is enough.

The bigger picture here is to start to reach out and come to common ground. Can we please try to be collaborative instead of being combative?

Can we open the blinds now, please?

#BeTheChange #TalkToEachOther #LetsTalk #AmericaIsAlreadyGreat #community #communication

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  1. Reblogged this on Places Blog and commented:
    Thanks, Laurie, for putting into words what has thus far eluded me. Our common ground seems so far away right now. As I open to the necessary dialog in search of this basis ‘we the people’ have the power and obligation to find our true selves; a strong nation by virtue of our diversity, our freedom of thought, and our willingness/responsibility to protect and help our neighbors, weak, young and old.


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