We Are All Having Anxiety Before Election Day #VOTE

I have been doing everything I can to stave off the anxiety I am enduring in anticipation of Election Day. Who isn’t, right?


I am sticking to my plan of voting on Election Day because in my neighborhood, we get to vote at the Senior Center. It’s an experience a person must do! My neighbor and I are going to ride our bikes over, maybe take the seniors some goodies and vote. I’m hoping they allow my dog inside because I don’t have a kid to take with me for the most important election in America’s history. No matter what, I am looking forward to smiles and laughter and a huge anxiety release.

In the meantime, I have been trying not to obsess but it isn’t an easy task. Making food stuffs in my tiny kitchen has helped; on Sunday, I made Lemon Tarragon Pesto that I will use with Greek yogurt as a marinade for poultry or pork, or a sauce for roasted vegetables. Or, of course, gifts.

Other distractions only work temporarily. This got me to thinking, what the heck!!?? What have we done to ourselves in America? We are at odds with each other, the tension is tearing friends and family apart. Why have we allowed hatred and bigotry and racism in to our lives in 2016?

I will let you answer that with your own theories. I am looking for solutions instead. Allow me, if you will, to offer suggestions on a healing path. This is my commitment to helping others making a change. I know my city and local leaders because I engage in the process. You too can feel better about your situation if you take the time to understand.

  • Volunteer for a campaign in your city or county. Once you see the “behind the scenes” activities, you will truly know what it takes to get a good person elected.
  • Get to know your local and state representatives. Ask questions. Ask why. Ask what you can do to help. There are usually citizen task forces that encourage conversation.
  • Learn about the process locally. If you live in a capitol city in your state, attend hearings. These are eye openers and I guarantee you will discover something you did not know beforehand.
  • Don’t listen to rhetoric. If the message does not have a solution, it is nothing more than empty words.
  • Write a Pro and Con list for the issues that matter most to you. Talk to a close friend that can engage with you in a meaningful conversation about it. You just may find out that there can be a meeting of the minds for a solution you can take to your elected officials either locally or on a state level.
  • Do some research and fact checking. I have realized in this election cycle how many people take the word of an internet meme vs. fact checking.
  • Write letters to your Congressmen or Congresswoman, to your Senators in Washington, DC. Make the letter brief, to the point and respectful. Ask what they can do to address your concerns.

And, most of all, please #VOTE on Tuesday!

If you think about it, you will soon recognize that someone can’t change things for yourself. For Us. We must be the ones to make the changes ourselves. We can do that together, you know.

#BeTheChange #MakeYourVoiceHeard #AmericaIsGreatAlready

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