Why Do People Make An Easy Task So Difficult? #KeepItSimple #chopstickholder

I read a post this morning on Facebook about a chopstick holder hack using the wood tip of the chopsticks at the table. Let me tell you right now, it does not work. I messaged my friend about my fold technique and thought, I should look online for a sample picture. The results were all origami. Really? Who has time for that???

long chop
Courtesy of Woomi Sushi, Murrieta, California

So, in the interest of helping the world with this pressing situation, here is my own personal hack for a chopstick holder using the paper wrapper!
chop end tear

Tear one end and carefully pull out those chopsticks. Smooth out wrapper and let’s learn how to make your own chopstick holder!


chop 1st fold


Fold in half and smooth the edge. This is important and you will figure this out in just a few seconds!


chop 2nd fold


Fold again in half and smooth edge, again



chop 3rd fold


Fold for the third and last time, smooth edge for crisp, folded edges


aerial chop


Now, take a look at what you have created. Do you get it yet?


Fold that left edge down to create your holder and voila! You have made your chopstick holder in less than 15 seconds. No tense origami folding, which leads to taking that first sip of sake when it is piping hot!

You Are Welcome!voila

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