I Am Going to Share My Favorite Song, Just Because

This past weekend was full of surprises, most of which were completely unexpected. I am convinced the unexpected is just about the best ever gift from God and the Universe!

once a year

As I proceeded to come down from cloud nine Sunday, while I was hiking with the Z man, I realized I do not have a “favorite” song. How can that be? I love music, right? I go bananas when my favorite artists just happen to be performing at least 200 miles within my vicinity, right? But not a favorite song, not really. I’m not saying that has to change or anything, but I am telling you that favorite songs are from everlasting memories. For me, there are simply too many! Maybe now you understand.

I suppose I have had – and will continue to have – memories to fill that “book” so many of us long to write. But I won’t write that book. I have decided if I am going to do anything, it will be to compile a book of music that influenced my life, the life that has shaped me to who I have become as the woman I am now. The question is, where do I start?

I went to the Guitar Center in Boise on Saturday for the first time. Guitar overload. I smiled broadly as I was literally pulled to the acoustic guitar room. You see, when I was in high school, I made a feeble attempt to learn how to play a guitar. I thought about the songs I could actually strum! Not a big list, mind you, but a few that took me down memory lane.

Taking that occasional trip down that memory lane is good for the soul. Moving forward and learning is a gift of life we cannot and should not squander. But, I think I will just start at Memory Lane and see where I end up! After all, that will be moving forward, right?

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