Gratitude is My Attitude It Suites Me Just Fine

Adams Gulch, Ketchum Idaho

Everywhere I look lately, I see sunshine and a smile, and not necessarily from you but from the great outdoors. The trees as their leaves flutter in the fall breeze, the golden grasses in the Foothills stand tall as I hike past, billowy white clouds against a powder blue sky. The bright smile of a baby, innocent for the time being, sitting nearby at a local café table. The joy of watching PDA from a couple in love, no matter what age, walking along the greenbelt. Every morning my dog, Zeke, and I either hike the Ussery Trails or power walk the greenbelt on the south side of the Boise Rive trail system. Even though we see and hear the same sights every other day, there is always a new aspect of the view. I’m telling you, there is something going on out there these days!

I have always been grateful that I wake up happy, despite the circumstances. I need that self-boost on some days and when I don’t, maybe someone else does. Recently, I have been looking at things in a different light. Ok, I know it is Fall and the sun is dropping, the leaves are falling and the air is crisper. But I have just realized that everything is different for me when I look with this new set of eyes and ears I have acquired. I don’t know Zeke realizes it but I sure do.

For instance, this mid-summer it was smoky from the local wild fires and one morning after a cool evening, I could actually see the Owyhee Mountains. It was something as simple as that for a “thank you God” moment. This weekend I walked the flat part of Adams Gulch just so I could do more of a walking meditation instead of a run, plus keep an eye out on the dogs (Chewy joined us). I was the only person in that quiet canyon, surrounded by thick green trees as well as the aspen trees that had already dropped their golden leaves. When I called out to one of the dogs, my voice echoed! That brought a smile because I knew I was alone but it was perfectly fine this time. When is the last time you heard your echo? Remember calling out as a kid when you and your friends found just the right place?

I think most of us have watched a video or two of cute kids on the internet. That brought a smile, right? Okay, bring it on! I am choosing to be a kid during the month of October. I am going to play with abandon! I am going to find another echo chamber! I am grateful that I am alive and well and loved.

I wonder if any of my clients read my blog. Just fyi on the kid thing, the only exception will be when my phone rings for business, of course.

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