This Tiny House is Becoming a Home By Letting Go of Things

Ah, the joy of unpacking! No, really, I am having a delightful time unpacking, savoring memories as I open boxes of my treasures, my books, my kitchen tools. Treasure troves of silly knick knacks I have saved over the years are now going to the Do Not Need box. Two of my favorite chairs just don’t fit in this tiny house will be part of a closing gift to a friend’s daughter that is purchasing her first home. And, naturally I am her Realtor®.

What I am learning is that letting go of things, of attachments, of the past is opening my life to the new life I have now found myself in. I did not dream I would be single again; I honestly thought Paul and I would grow old together. He did, too. We had so many plans. Life got in the way when he suddenly died. But for me, life goes on. I am the one that is alive. And I am going to live.

patio in the Live-Work-Create District, Garden City
My tiny house patio in the Live-Work-Create District of Garden City

However, I am going to live in a completely new environment, in a tiny house. Interestingly enough, I just realized that I lived in a number of studios in my early 20’s that were probably the same square footage! Full circle. And, in entering that circle, I know that it’s those things from the past are what I need to leave behind for my present.

Let’s talk about letting go of “things”. I am finding the letting go is just as if a heavy weight has been discarded from my body. I have a box full of yarn that I really won’t use, boxes of clothes, double kitchen items (how did that happen??), lamps, chairs, you name it. These things won’t fit and I have decided I am not going to keep them, either.

My gauge is this: I am not moving again for some time. These “things” will take up space in my garage and gather dust. Rather than get dusty, these things are going to find new homes. The yarn will go to the Idaho Office for Refugees, and I will be excited to see what they do with the yarn! I am going to have a clothing exchange party again this summer. Just like the last big exchange party, what is left over will be divided between The Women’s and Children’s Alliance and City Light Women’s & Children’s Shelter. The rest of those things will go to the Idaho Youth Ranch. You get the picture.

I have come to the place in my life where if it doesn’t fit or work, it goes. And it goes before I change my mind! To friends, family or charities. I cannot and will not deal with so much stuff any longer. Simplify is key. Downsize is essential. Release follows.

I do have a confession to make. I will have to get a storage cabinet in my garage for some kitchen things. I love to cook and entertain and those items will stay put. Is that so wrong?

#grief #tinyhouse #purging #donating

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