I See Opportunities

It occurred to me that I have been in circumstances that seemed to be not so much out of control but in nobody’s control. Each time this happened, I gave it a great deal of thought and found a solution that worked for me. Believe me, some of these situations seemed dismal. By working through these, I learned life lessons. Opportunities in learning!IMG_2589

When Paul died, you can say that I suffered the trauma of being the first responder, then the trauma of witnessing his death, then the trauma of being treated cruelly by a family member. I was truly living in a bad movie. Somehow I managed to pick myself up and ask for help.  Through the help I received, I learned to understand perspective of the situation. I have to say, it was not easy and some of what was presented to me I did not want to hear. However, the lesson was that the understanding led to the path of forgiveness, which I thought was not possible. I was able to free myself of the anger I had inside that I needed to shed. Opportunity in healing.

Last month at a fundraiser I was responsible for, it seemed that most of the guests arrived all at once. Typical, right? The line was long at the check-in point. I took the opportunity to walk along the line and greet my friends, introduce myself to those I did not know, and thank everyone for supporting us. I was grateful friends were present, met others I wanted to get to know and use my wit to get a few smiles. It was fun for me! Opportunity in networking for a cause.

I think by now you get the point. When confronted by a situation you find troubling, ask yourself, “is there an opportunity?”

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  1. Congratulations, Laurie! Converting a challenge into an opportunity is a way of seeing what is possible rather than what is an obstacle. It takes wisdom and maturity and resilience. High Five!!


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