Helpful Tips When a Sister Friend Has Breast Cancer

Some of you know that after a 11 year hiatus, I am involved again with Expedition Inspiration Fund, a charitable organization that raises money for breast cancer research and research efforts. We may be Pink but we are not Fluffy.  I wrote this for their blog, and wanted to share with you, too!

For the record, I can’t tell you every single thing you can do, but I sure can give you advice on the basics. Here goes:

  1. It is all about your Sister Friend. Listen and listen mindfully. Do not and I repeat, do not talk about your version unless they ask.

    Selfie after long day of Christmas shopping! Me and my sis, Marianne
    Selfie after long day of Christmas shopping! Me and my sister & friend, Marianne 
  2. Mean what you say and say what you mean. If you ask, “What can I do?” follow through. Mean it when you ask that question. If you offer to give your Sister Friend a ride to the doctor, to a treatment, or to the store, DO IT. Follow through.
  3. Think and talk like a Buddhistbe in the present moment. Do not be tempted to blab about what is coming next, how your Sister Friend will feel or what you think will happen. It is their experience, not yours.
  4. Do not take their pain lightly. Any cancer diagnosis or life threatening disease is painful and frightening. Keep in mind that losing a part of a breast or one breast or both breasts is a reason to grieve. Grief takes on many forms.
  5. Be willing to keep Kleenex in your pocket. For that matter, invest in shoulder pads. A good shoulder to cry on is the best medicine EVER for your Sister Friend.
  6. Be available. Don’t ask if your Sister Friend needs help, schedule it. Put your task on your calendar and set a reminder for the day before. Your Sister Friend needs the reassurance that you will follow through.
  7. Show the Love. If you are a true Sister Friend to your Sister Friend, you do not need further instructions.

And, please do keep this in mind, all of the above applies to any Brother Friend diagnosed with breast cancer. Breast Cancer does not discriminate.

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