Farewell to My Year as ACAR President

Is it too trite to start off this post with a “as I was sitting reminiscing about 2011”….? Truth be told, that is exactly what I am doing. Heavy sigh!

I have had a wonderful year at the 2011 Ada County Association of Realtors President. This year was a success due to the dedication of a stellar staff at ACAR, the enthusiasm of my Board of Directors and the commitment of my Committee Chairs, Vice Chairs and Committee members. My success is their success and a direct result of true teamwork.

Last week I gave my exit speech at the Installation event for the 2012 President and new Board Directors. My theme was Lead by Example, and the center of the message contained four items that I read about in a blog earlier that week. The first was Focus – focus on what excited you as a volunteer. Second, Be an Expert – Make sure you know what you are talking about. Third, Build Your Relationships – in each transaction or interaction at the office, tell that ACAR member about what is happening at their local association. Fourth, Share Your Story – tell that ACAR member who are your peers just why you are a volunteer.

We can all take that message to the alternate level of our lives, and extend this to our relationships, our families, and the people we meet each and every day. Focus on kindness. Be an Expert to help someone in need. Build your relationships and extend yourself. Share your story and inspire others.

At this time of year, we all think about giving and what to get someone. This year, try to think about the gift that comes from your heart. From deep inside that makes your gift so personal that other person receiving that gift is truly touched.

To me, a gift is not just something you wrap and give. A gift is a smile. A gift is a helping hand. A gift is a meal. A gift is a good deed that nobody sees you do. A gift is a voice mail to say hello, I am thinking about you. A gift is your true self and unconditional love.

Peace on Earth my friends!

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