Where have I been, where am I going?

I find it hard to believe that I have not posted on my blog for so long! What is up with that? Where have I been?

As I began to think about that, I realized I have not quite given myself  the “me” time I used to. I have not taken very many or nearly enough breaks that I deserve. I have been far too lax on my exercise schedule. This just has to change!

What am I going to do about that? Well, go to bed earlier so that I will get up earlier for my power walks or yoga. Eat better, preparing more meals at home. Creating a to do list that is reasonable. Saying no to distractions. When I am grateful, say it out loud (or in today’s terms, post it on Twitter!). Remember to pick up a phone and make a call rather than email or text. Read more. Be more informed. Learn something new each week.

I could go on and on, you get the picture.

What have you been doing lately? Better yet, what are you now going to do?

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