Heavy sigh….I am home tonight!


Ah, what can I say? I am home tonight, free for once from an endless real estate schedule, free of any social commitments and free of emails to return. What to do? Well…..surf the web! Since my passion, besides real estate of course, is cooking, I have discovered some great websites tonight, but interestingly enough, they are all blogs. Future of the internet?

I treasure the personal comments with the recipes I am reading (and wondering how to make them low fat). I love the ingredients that I would have been hesitant to throw together, but after reading the directions, heck yes that works. I smile to myself by the titles of the many dishes I have seen tonight. I won’t list them all for fear of copyright issues LOL.

But most of all, I am so very amazed by the fact that a complete stranger can enter your kitchen with a new idea. I am encouraged by the use of more and more organic and local ingredients. I am tickled that the trend is towards preparing and serving healthier dishes and meals.

This means one thing to me: we are truly heading in the right direction, food-wise! Sweet dreams of zucchini for Saturday’s brunch with a new recipe that I found but just have to make a bit less fattening. 🙂

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