Strong, Independent Women #WonderWomen

I clean up my text messages occasionally, and this weekend I noticed I had not continued a conversation for an entire month. My bad. After texting that friend, I realized that is a topic for my blog and that it is far more important than anything else right now.

Strong Women.

Strong, independent women seek each other.

Strong, independent women listen to each other.

Strong, independent women support each other.

Strong, independent women help each other.

Strong, Independent women trust each other.

And by strength, I am referring to heart and soul. And by independence, I am referring to lifestyle.

I had lunch with a strong, independent woman last week. On my drive home, I was feeling very grateful to have reconnected after the pandemic years. The pandemic changed so much in us and that we have retreated inside ourselves. We all need to change that.

How about you? Are you finding ways to reconnect after the pandemic or are you still in social isolation? What are you doing to get out and get about? What have you changed about your daily life that gives you joy? Do you need some suggestions?

My tribe of women and friends know this, but I will state it again: I am here.

#strength #independent #support #friends #trust

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