Blessing In Disguise #LessStress

I just moved from the west end of Garden City back to the North End. Well, the “near” North End, sort of Sunset neighborhood and Central Foothills neighborhood because I am north of Hill Road. At least that is what Nextdoor is telling me.

The blessing in disguise is that my digital television antenna is not working because I am too close to the foothills and the signal is to the east and north of where I now live.

I am now watching far less news.

I did not realize or admit to myself that news was stressing me out so much. World news, national news, local news. Wait, I do miss #The208 on KTVB, our local NBC affiliate. But that is the only show I am missing.

I did not realize or admit to myself that the negative news was just too much to bear. Yes, I know what is going on in America, what is happening in Ukraine. But I feel I was becoming more and more unable to disconnect mentally. I even snapped at someone.

That isn’t me.

So, the refreshed me is unpacking a little at a time. Usually, my artwork would already be up (it has been 10 days). But this time, there is no rush. I will get to it.

Right? Want to come over and help me?

#LessStress #LifeLesson #NoNewsIsGoodNews

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  1. I read Occasional Nomads and perked up when I saw your mention of Boise. Nice to “meet” another Boisean. I, too, am an avid The 208 watcher, and even enjoy looking at Brian’s colorful jackets.

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