Welcome Weather! #Spring2022

We have been experiencing the ups and downs of Idaho weather with complaints of how crazy it has been. Crazy? Not hardly!

Back to the weather. I wrote about weather in my last blog post. But on my morning hike today, I thought of something else.

I don’t mind grey skies, cloudy days, downpours. Even wind and hail. I love lightening and thunder, ever since I was a child. I would watch a storm until it passed at night. And snow is just magical. Admit it.

During the pandemic, I took up listening to audio books, podcasts, tried knitting for the 100th time and took up drawing. Then dabbled with watercolors. And quite often I would make up recipes and post them to my blog. I still hiked every day with my dog, Murphy. I really needed to be outside during that time.

When the weather is gloomy, I read. In fact, this weekend I picked up a book I bought with the intention of finishing it in a few weeks. It is so good that I am highlighting some of the sentences because they resonate with what I am trying to learn.

When the weather is gloomy, I go to the grocery store and decide what to try for dinner. It can be something I have eaten before but something I have not prepared in the past with a flair. So far, I am into chop salads, cabbage slaws, learning about rice and beans all over again. And using my air fryer to crisp up what I am cooking, what a great item!

When the weather is wet, I cannot hike so that means yoga and TRX. The minute the rain or snow lets up, Murphy and I go out, even if it is just to a park to walk around while he chases balls.

When the weather is gloomy, I take naps. I have become quite good at dozing off, too.

Even if you don’t do anything on a gloomy day, that means you chose self-care. And that is a good thing.

Today will be a glorious sunny day, and the winds have arrived for a storm tomorrow. Yay!

When the weather is a bit gloomy, do you find fret, or do you find joy?

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