We Can No Longer Take Life for Granted #Peace

There has been and continues to be so much drama and stress in our world.

The pandemic brought severe illness, deaths, long term effects. And now, inflation which is a result of non-production worldwide for months in the beginning of the covid virus. Everyone wants to blame the wrong party for our woes. And now a possible world war with a nation that has nuclear capability with a out of touch monster at the helm.

I was thinking last week on one of my hikes what we have in our daily lives that has been taken away from innocent Ukrainians:

Social gatheringsPlay time for kidsConcerts
VacationsFamily visitsSchool

These are all things we take for granted each and every day. And yet it’s a tragedy.

All of us have local groups and organizations that are sending relief supplies. A local Slavic church here in Southwest Boise – Meridian area organized a giving drive and they were able to ship 2,500 medium to large moving boxes to the east coast to go on a container ship to Eastern Europe. That’s one small church. I am confident that are many more in this nation and other countries. Here is the segment from a local news channel

Treasure Valley Slavic community ships truckloads of supplies to Ukraine

What will and can you do to help? Better yet, what will and can you do in the future to always be present to help?

Ways to help:

UNICEF https://www.unicefusa.org/

Ukrainian Red Cross https://donate.redcrossredcrescent.org/ua/donate/~my-donation?_cv=1

World Central Kitchen https://donate.wck.org/give/236738/#!/donation/checkout

GlobalGiving Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund https://www.globalgiving.org/projects/ukraine-crisis-relief-fund/

Voices of Children https://voices.org.ua/en/donat/

Thank you for considering to help now and in the future when the world needs help.

#UkraineCrisis #Support #HumanitarianCrisis

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