We Rise By Lifting Others #ShowKindness

I was in a crummy mood, mostly from the news the past few days. I took a time out and noodled on what I could do to be better. I have written in the past about giving daily gifts, right? Thinking about that reminded me about when I was in my 20’s and I worked for Pacific Telephone in Orange County, California. It was a big deal back then when we received a compliment aka commendation from a customer.

I can do that too! In fact, we all can. I have made a decision to submit Google reviews when I receive service that was an above and beyond experience. In order to make sure the right staff person is acknowledged; I always ask their name. (Sounds like a Progressive commercial).

In doing so, I realized how many businesses have given me positive outcomes even if things were not perfect. It could be the person I dealt with who simply had a positive attitude. It could be the manager or owner who took the time to not so much train their staff but teach them good customer service. It is definitely the businesses I frequent – they all know my name and I know theirs.

I learned long ago from a person I worked for about asking certain questions before you delve into business. How are you doing or feeling? How is the family? What have you been up to? Any vacations this summer or fall? There are endless questions to ask so that another person feels more at ease.

Establishing relationships instead of tracking numbers is how I choose to live my life!

#GivingBack #ThankYou #Appreciation

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