I Believe in #SilverLinings, You Just Have to Look

I have always been able to tell my friends that if you consider it, there can be a silver lining in any event. I know you are probably saying to yourself, well, what about…. Yeah, I have done the same. But with time and patience the truth is revealed.

When I had breast cancer in 1995, my breasts were too small compared to my tumor. I knew an implant would never match the good breast, so I had a bilateral mastectomy. And, hey, I went up a size! Not to mention, I caught my cancer in time, no lymph node involvement. Silver lining times two!

When I lost my home during the 2009 recession, my silver lining was that I moved to a better neighborhood, a better place, better neighbors and better yet, walking distance to the Boise foothills trails. Silver lining(s)!!

Speaking of the recession, I did what I could to keep a roof over my head since real estate was a mess with foreclosures and short sales. I walked dogs in the North End. I have to admit, it was a fantastic way to get to know Boise’s most popular area and architecture. Silver lining!

Even when Paul died – I cannot believe it has been 7 years. But he introduced me to Buddhism and my Buddhist practice helped me navigate my grief. My desire to let go of the anger and trauma caused by his ex-wife led me to take part in EMDR therapy. I am here to tell you that really works. Paul may have not been ready to go, but it certainly was his time. The silver lining was realizing the precious gift he gave me: Buddhism.

The past two months with Mother’s Day and Father’s day are bittersweet every year. You see, we lost our parents 20 days apart 15 years ago. I knew at the time it was just the way it was meant to be. My silver lining back then and now is that my parents did the best they could, given the fact they both grew up in very Catholic, Spanish homes. Gawd, I had to have been a royal pain as a teen! I suppose another silver lining is they did not end up totally hating me…..

In ending, please give yourself time when something happens. I just know you will be able to look back and have your ah ha moment.

#LifeLesson #LifeEvents #Experience

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