How Does America Heal? #BuildingBridges

I have struggled since last week to write a blog post because of the swirling drama over the election, COVID surge and general feeling of gloom in America.

Giving up or giving in? I am not sure what I need to consider for healing…..For that matter, what America needs.

I have found that letting go of my opinion is better than having a disagreement. Am I giving in or giving up? I want to choose to do the right thing, to approach any matter or issue with an attitude of understanding, more so than I have in the past.

I read two blog posts last week, both from Medium. One was written before the election, the other this week. The post from October was about re-friending those we unfriended during the toxic election cycle. This is what struck me the most:

“It’s not all sunshine and rainbows building a bridge across the divide, though. It’s very hard. But, if we don’t start now there won’t even be a bridge to build.”

The second post is titled Welcome to the Future: It’s Time to Act Like Winners. I highlighted this:

“It’s time for us to own a narrative of abundance, where there’s enough decency and respect and concern for the common good to extend to all, to treat others as we would have them treat us.”

Then, at the end of the day I got together with a friend via Zoom who is now teaching yoga. I need guidance and a new approach to a routine. At the end of our sit, she read me this quote:

“We tend to think surrender is giving up our power. But surrender is anything by passive. It isn’t throwing away our power. It’s expanding it through faith and a willingness to let go of all we think we know…all we struggle to do…all we believe we need to accomplish.”
~ Baron Bapstiste – Journey Into Power

I think I finally found ways that will help me get unstuck.

Sources of inspiration:


#BeTheChange #Friendship #Community

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