Roller Coaster November #Election2020

Go Vote
Go Vote

Let’s face it, we won’t know the election results for at least a week after next Tuesday. It’s inevitable given the absentee ballots and early voting we are watching in the national news every day.

What impresses me is the amount of determination to vote, no matter what, no matter how long the lines are. The pictures on social media from people at the ballot drop off releasing their ballot into the box. The posts of those who confirmed that their ballot was verified. Good going, America!

I truly feel Americans are tired of the chaos from the past 4 years. I just want Congress to work together like they used to. I just want a fair and balanced Supreme Court, not a packed court to decide what only a fraction of Americans really desire. I just want us to respect each other, not sling insults. I want a President that shows compassion and understanding. I want a President that has world wide respect.

I want my country back. Vote as if your life depends on it!

PS Next week I will post a recipe that will get you past the election chaos, okay?

#Vote2020 #Election2020

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