Foiled Again! #NoTopic

Well, I am here at home on a Sunday night with NO ideas for my blog, recipe I concocted was a disaster (will work on this), attitude is down (worked on this over weekend) and business is tough. Where to begin???

Let’s go with the recipe first. I had a hankering for a hash brown casserole this weekend. One shout out for me because it did not have a bazillion eggs nor cream of chicken soup. Epic fail but I think I know how to adjust the recipe.

Next was attitude. I have been battling my own attitude for a few months now (COVID did not help), and the mental thoughts I was fighting were my very own mental blocks. I came up with a plan to dissipate those thoughts. So, in the evenings my plan now is:

  1. Write in my journal
  2. Listen to at least two chapters from an audio book
  3. Sketch and even use watercolors or colored pens to fill in the sketch
  4. Sit outside on my patio couch and listen

Business is tough as a buyer’s agent. Multiple offers on every property. Appraisals not meeting purchase price. Banks are no longer flexible. But I keep plugging along for my buyers. Even the unicorn buyers.

This weekend I took a break from it all and truly rested. It was just as good as a mini vacation. I played in my kitchen, finished a book, drew in art journal. {sigh}

Monday, bring it on! I am woman, hear me roar!

#BeTheChange #LifeLesson

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