Vote November 6th #GOTV #Vote2018

There is a reason why over 33 million Americans have voted early in the 2018 mid-term elections: the national issues are more important than ever before. No matter what political affiliation you are, the issues are front and center of our nation.

If you have already voted as I have, kudos to you. High five!

If you are voting tomorrow, take water or coffee in case the lines are long. Better yet, engage in conversation with the people around you. They made have the same questions you do. Local issues are specific across the country.

If you are still an undecided voter, do research about your local issues and the issues that matter to you. Look up who is running for governor, senator, congress. Look up who is running for county or district seats. Then go to a polling place and be an American. You don’t have to fill in all the blanks if you really don’t know. But choose candidates that resonate with your values.

Just Go Vote!

#2018MidTerms #GOTV #Vote

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