Be Careful If You are Doer #BossyPants or #Leader

This past weekend I took it upon myself to put together committee descriptions for a non-profit that I volunteer for. The fact that we do not have staff makes us a working board as well as an all-volunteer organization. So, who does what? We are growing, so the time had come to begin the conversation of guidance and direction.

If you have ever served on a board, you may know that burn out can be real and happen fast. We don’t want that! However, we are a phenomenal group that is currently adjusting to change. And, with change brings finding ways to go with the flow and make it work for the situation at hand.

I took a Leadership Academy class in 2010 before I served as President for the Ada County Association of Realtors (now Boise Regional Realtors) The main takeaway I learned was and to this day, to use the word “we” instead of “I” and I cannot stress enough of just how important this is when working with others, especially volunteers.

The lesson here is that the word “we” is inclusive, that “we” are a team, that “we” work together, that “we” can get things done collectively. Using the word “I” this and “I” that will surely dismantle any sense of group efforts. One person cannot do it all without alienation.

Getting involved and volunteering is rewarding and the best advice I can give you is to listen. That’s it, simple: listen. Listen to others, listen to the needs of the organization that is expressed. If you have the skills to lend, find others to recruit to help you with input. If you can observe others with the skills, encourage them to help out, listen to why or what holds that person back for committing.

Just so you know, one of my friends today reminded me that we forgot a committee. Social Committee. We want to have parties! And, by goodness, we will!

#teamwork #volunteer #listen #lifelesson #givingisreceiving

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