It Occurred to Me That I Forgot, But So Did Others #PastIsPast

I realized last week that my siblings and I did not acknowledge our parent’s anniversary. Which is my crowning boast because I always tell people that I am a honeymoon baby, 9 months and 5 days later. Yes, I have something to brag about!

Kidding aside, I have come to accept that after 11 years since their passing, we now hold our memories to ourselves and our hearts. There is not a day or week that goes by when I think about them, talk to them, or smile about something that reminds me of them.


Which brings me to the point of my post. Things, events, occurrences, breakups, meetups, trials, tribulations. These are in our past, but often we tend to hold on to the events and that can harm our hearts, literally health-wise and figuratively mind-wise.

I learned an odd lesson Sunday afternoon after I had commented on a Facebook thread. The next thing I knew I was being attacked and called names. The written form of verbal abuse. Well, guess what? I am not going to allow that behavior in my life. And, yet, I had to let it go.

I learned that the only way to move past the hate is to move past my reaction first. I replied with facts, concise, and politely. No name calling. It is truly sad how angry America is right now. But if a person can be steady then hopefully the other person can learn.

Getting back to my parents, I can tell you that their death pushed me into learning more about myself than I thought I needed, let alone possible. I still remind myself to count to ten before I respond. Sometimes no response is better. It just depends.

Think first, be mindful.

That phrase is one of my daily affirmations. Here is another one:

It’s better to be kind than to be right.

Amen to that.

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