What Am I Doing in 2017? #PlansBigPlans

Ever since New Year’s Day, I have been giving this 2017 year a great deal of thought. I am not going to grumble about 2016 because it was what it was. I have been taught through my Buddhist practice to focus on the present. I have been taught through my Christian upbringing to focus on the greater good. There is always right now and there is always a silver lining in life.

We just have to open our eyes a bit wider.


The world will be gloom and doom if you allow that to take over your mind. I for one, will not. We can expand the way we see our world; after all there is always another route to take,

So, this is what I am going to do:

I am going to try my best to present facts with backup. My responsibility as a citizen, as a member of my community is to try. I am not daunted. I will press on.

I am going to volunteer for something I have never done before. Why not? Why not go outside the box and challenge myself? Why not!

I am going to walk and hike further with my dog outdoors. Without my damn phone. Maybe with a camera, but no longer with a phone.

I am going to do more road trips, with friends. I can go alone, but why not take a friend or two? Why not have more company than just my sweet dog? How much of our country have you explored anyway? There is so much right outside state limits. I say no more limits.

I am going to be that shoulder to cry on or the ear to bend. No Facebook copy and paste about it. My friends know when I say I will do something that I will do just that.

I am going to find love again. There, I said it out loud.

Happy New Year everyone!

#lifelesson #2017goals #bethechange #makeitso #community #truth #MAGAMyAss

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