Be the Change We All Want #BeTheChange

I am home Friday night, darn near emotionally frozen over the grief and anguish from the news I can’t seem to get away from in America this week. Wait, this year. No, wait again, since 2001.

change your world

Discrimination turned in to fear. Fear drove racism. Racism turned in to intolerance. Intolerance turned in to paranoia. Paranoia turned in to conflicts. Conflicts began wars.

I am going to make this simple: set aside “what matters” for a bit while you read my rant. Tonight I am praying, really praying. I pray for the blame game to stop. I pray we as a nation can start a conversation. I pray for solutions. I pray for ideas. Most of all, I pray for the violence to stop.

The veil of hatred and bitterness has crept in to our lives, in our minds, in our actions. Why are we allowing this? We can block people on Facebook and Twitter, but we seem to allow poor behavior in comment threads. Often times, I don’t even share an article because the comment thread is so negative and abusive.

What the heck!

I say, start the conversation. Share what others are doing in their own communities to make a difference. Offer solutions in meaningful conversations. Work with your community leaders. Find out what you can personally do. Stop whining and start doing. Stop complaining and start volunteering. Stop pointing the finger and start helping others. Do something, damn it!

Let’s see the positive train influence us as a nation for the better. Here are a few items to get you going!

Boise police chief visits with people on the greenbelt

Inmates break out of cell to save guard suffering heart attack




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