What Are You Giving for Christmas? #HolidayGifts #Give From Your Heart

Since living in Idaho, I have made a commitment each holiday season to give presents that I have either made myself or something that was made in Idaho. Believe it or not, this can be an easy task no matter where you may happen to live.HOPE

One year I made neck roll pillows! If my friends knew the lengths I went to in order to put them together, they would be chuckling right now. From where I lived in Ketchum, I drove to Burley – or was it Jerome? – and found a long 7” diameter foam roll. Great! I’ll take it! I went home and used a bread knife to cut the main piece in to number of smaller rolls. I purchased a soft blue denim colored cotton and tied the ends with a red bandana material. No kidding, I wish I had one of those pillows today…..

After I moved to Boise, I was fortunate enough to meet Angie Sebolt of La De Da Jewelry  I was impressed by her simple, whimsical designs that were beautiful. My gifts one year were a pair of La De Da Jewelry earrings for each close friend. I can’t begin to tell you how much fun it was to pick a pair of earrings with care for each person I had in mind. Now Angie and I are steadfast friends and my jewelry collection is mostly from her talented creations.

My point is, that if you cannot find something to make, try to find a local artist to help you give a special something with meaning. You know how each year we are reminded to shop small? Have you thought about adding “local” to your shopping list?

Here in Boise, we have the Capitol City Public Market almost year round now. Think about the times you may have walked a morning at your own Farmers Market and ask yourself, were you only focused on the produce or did you notice the hand crafted goods?

Is there a special area in your town that features unusual gifts? In Boise, we have a few wonderful strip malls that have undergone a “facelift” that turned the spaces around to evolve to true places to gather for more than one reason. It’s called placemaking and many of these revitalized areas have small shops with many treasures.

Looking for a gift that is unique is part of the joy of giving. I hope you can find a treasure or two that makes a very special gift this year.

Make your holidays bright with joy and hope, Merry Christmas!

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