Generosity and Giving Should Not Have to be a Sacrifice!

This was a line I heard in a video played at the Blue Jeans service at Cathedral of the Rockies Sunday morning, and the overall theme of Pastor Duane’s sermon was tithing. Give what you can, not because you have to.  Take small steps first and work your way to more giving.

That phrase, generosity and giving should not have to be a sacrifice struck a chord in my mind this morning. It helped me arrive at the place of what I am going to do, despite the rhetoric online, in the media, and even in conversation.promote what you love

Now, I hesitate to enter the refugee fray, but I can no longer sit back without crying in shame at the direction our country seems to be heading towards: Isolationism. Xenophobia. Bigotry. I truly feel we all need a time out, especially from social media.

Let’s face it, we may not be obsessed with the refugee topic, but is certainly is top of mind. What are we as citizens of the United States of America going to do? What are we as citizens of our planet going to do? What on earth can we do?

I give at home, here in Boise, Idaho. I want to help you find a way to put out the “fireworks” as one friend put it. I could write about how I do this and I do that, but I am not going to. I want to know what you are going to do to make a difference in your own community to affect change and foster compassion.

If we take a minute to reach out, we can easily find those non-profit organizations that help the homeless, help our veterans, help refugees that have already moved here. They all need assistance in re-establishing themselves in to a place to call home. We no longer can allow ourselves to sit back and complain and yet do nothing to find ways to contribute to our communities.

That aside, what about our country? Have we completely forgotten to give? Didn’t we help out during both World Wars in many ways, at home and abroad? Not a single man, woman or child gave a second thought to doing their part. Why can’t we do so now?

Look, the refugee crisis is polarizing. But if we don’t help each other to give to each other, we will lose the satisfaction that comes with lending a hand again without a second thought. That is not what America is all about, is it?

Resources here in the Treasure Valley:

Boise Rescue Mission for a bed & a meal to hand out to homeless, or choose a specific donation from a list of choices that may surprise you

Veteran’s Assisted Living Home by Veteran’s Hospital here in Boise. Stop and speak to one Veteran, you made his or her day. Even if you are too shy to reach out that way, you can ask what they need. Go buy it and deliver it. Do it.

Idaho Office for Refugees and Idaho Resettlement Resources for refugees is a place to start to learn about how you can help.

Operation Gratitude and Support Our Troops are excellent starts if you want to send those serving overseas a care package any time of year.

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