My Best Friend is Sort of My Dog

Clarification: My sister, Marianne, is really my bestest bestie. And, I have a number of very good friends I can count on and always call any time and that have the “best” role. However, my dog Zeke is really my best bud and every day companion. I must tell you that I have learned a thing or two about friendship from my furry boy. Let me explain!

dog-paw-printHe doesn’t always listen to me but it doesn’t mean he isn’t listening. Have you ever noticed sometimes when you are talking your friend isn’t listening? I have learned to stop and change the conversation and ask about them. I often realize that they needed to talk more than I did.

dog-paw-printHe does enjoy a good piece of bacon from Bacon. Ok, what dog wouldn’t!? I love my good friends that go out to dinner with me or have a dinner party with a group! Speaking of that, I recall one friend telling me he would coordinate a monthly dinner meet up. Dude, where is my invite!?

dog-paw-printWhen he does listen I have his undivided attention. This is something I am constantly working on. My brain must have 20 gears and all on high. I think too much. I do try to stop myself to listen more mindfully to my friends. If I drop off the interrupt wagon, please do call me on it. Sometimes I just get too excited. {sheepish grin}

dog-paw-printHe loves to get out and play. Zeke and I jog or hike every day in the Boise Foothills. This is how we both maintain our inner child. I have to admit, it would be fun to have a human friend for company. You just have to be ready by 8am. Then you would learn about the beauty of the early morning stillness. Exercising with friends is a great way to just catch up.

dog-paw-printJust as much as he likes to cavort, he likes to rest and do nothing. I was supposed to go bowling with a few friends on Sunday and we all more or less dropped the ball. But we all took care of ourselves doing something else. We appreciated not only our own time but glad the others found something healing to do. Good friends let their friends be slackers once in awhile.

dog-paw-printHe drinks a lot of water which reminds me to do the same. A good friend always watches out for what you eat and drink. Not too much of this or too much of that. And drink lots of water! The only excessive calories allowed between friends are desserts at fine restaurants. The kind that none of us at the table would ever attempt to make at home. But always lots of water and stay hydrated.

dog-paw-printHe barks when he wants attention. Call your friends whenever they pop up in your mind. I call to touch base when I know my friends are having a tough time. Because they do the same for me. That is a true blue friend.

So, you see, you really can learn something from your dog. Oh wait, one more thing: when they come and sit next to you or curl up next to you and the next thing you hear is that “heavy sigh”, do you know what they are really saying? They are saying “I love you”. Simply I love You.

DISCLAIMER: Cats are an entirely different category of lessons. My allergies prevent me from exploring these lessons, so I read books titled, “Everything I Need to Know I Learned From My Cat”. Whatever.

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