Create a Neighborly Front Yard

I especially like the Little Free Library idea! There are all sorts of things we can do to beckon our neighbors over to say hello, chat about neighborhood happenings, or just get to know each other.

I usually do my neighbor chatting in the Boise Foothills when I hike with my labradoodle, Zeke. Now that the the trails are too muddy from recent rains, we are walking the ‘hood and getting to know our neighbors. So far we have met Joe and his dog for future play dates, the cat lady on the block, the designers on the other side of the block, friends from the past that I haven’t seen in years and new friends that we meet because they want to say hi to Zeke.

No matter who we meet, we are meeting our neighbors at their front porches or entry ways. There is something to be said about that.


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