talk, talk, #talk or let’s talk!

I always think out loud and this morning on my run was no exception. Lately, I have been giving advice about communication and conversation. To resolve and solve issues. To be collaborative rather than combative. But, communication is the heart of the many things we deal with in life. Let me backtrack a bit.1087536_SMJPG_28582079BF745501X

On a beautiful October weekend this month, I went to Escondido, California. I spent time with my sister, Marianne & her daughter, Jenna, plus my cousin, Roque. I spent my birthday day at the Deer Park Monastery and had the privilege of listening to Thich Nhat Hanh. This great teacher spoke of many things that struck a chord in my life at the present moment. Communication keeps making its way in to my head. After all, if we don’t talk to each other, how can we have a conversation?

Communication and conversation are essential to success, whether it be personal, spiritual or professional. Relationships don’t stand a chance unless there is communication. Spiritual journeys happen when we have conversations with others that are our teachers. Workplace Teams cannot have successful outcomes without communication and conversation.

I read a blog I follow this morning about being stuck on an escalator. Glass Overflowing by @marciglass. She was telling the story of Antoinette Tuff who calmed down a young man that walked into a school with a gun in Atlanta, Georgia. Marci wrote: “she helped him envision a new reality, one where someone cared for him, where someone was listening to him, a world where he had better choices”.

That is it, isn’t it? Communication and conversation helps us along in this thing called life. I encourage you to listen more and engage more in conversation. Communicate even when you afraid to.  That other person can help you as much as you can help them.

You know what I did today? Instead of posting a “happy birthday” on Facebook, I picked up my phone and called a good friend. We talked and laughed and talked. It was as much a treat for me as it was for her.

Talk to someone today!

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