Mold – Not as Scary as Halloween

It seems these days that just the word “mold” stirs a negative reaction. I understand that, but this does not always have to be the case. Most mold situations can be remedied! Consulting with an expert first will alleviate the fears, explain the details and help you as a Seller or Buyer along the way towards the real estate transaction you want to close. Or, as a homeowner, fix the problem and be assured your future has an answer! The following piece is from a contractor here in the Treasure Valley that I have used and trust completely. His knowledge is outstanding and all of my clients are very pleased by his professionalism!

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My goal as the owner of Affordable Mold Removal L.L.C., is to educate customers about mold growth, and not promote fear when dealing with mold.

I have dealt with many homes where an inspector sees a ‘mold like substance’ and notes it on their inspection report. Because of that, the sale of the home may be on hold until a licensed contractor removes the problem and signs off on it. That is where we come in. We thrive on getting in the home, correcting the problem and accomplishing the work as fast as possible. This way we can help you with that real estate purchase that you have been working so hard on.

Mold spores are everywhere, even outside. But mold in our houses can be very problematic. Mold needs four things to grow: time, the right temperature, moisture, and biological food sources. In most instances, we see mold issues in areas of the home that are not entered in on a regular basis, such as attics and crawl spaces. Most of the time, for instance, if someone was to see a dark substance growing on our bedroom wall they would probably wipe it off and clean it. But in areas like attics, it doesn’t take much moisture for mold to start growing. And time is an enemy since most people don’t check up on areas like that.

Our remediation process is extremely effective because we physically remove the mold and we use the latest state of the art.

With most homes we work on, we provide a three year warranty on the work done, and the warranty stays with the home for that time period. I have worked with dozens of realtors and would be happy to give references from a few real estate agents, upon request. chemicals, and follow IICRC protocols. We realize that time is of the essence when dealing with issues like this. We have completed dozens of crawl spaces and attics that have had this issue while the house is on the market, resulting in many satisfied customers. We also understand that ‘mold’ is one of the last words you want to hear when working with your customers to sell or purchase a home. We are here so that when that issue does come up we can alleviate your customer’s fears and can explain the whole process without giving up on purchasing, or selling the home. Feel free to contact us anytime at 208-392-5890 with any concerns or questions you might have regarding mold issues.

We are fully bonded, insured, and licensed in mold remediation. We realize that you will not always need to use us, but we want you to know that we will be here for you in those crucial times of distress.  Please feel free to visit my website: , email me at, or call me at 208-392-5890 with any questions or concerns you might have.

Thank you so much for your time.


David Zedwick, Owner, Affordable Mold Removal L.L.C.

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