Front Porch Allure

Ah, the front porch. We all want one! I don’t have a front porch but I do have a front patio area. One evening last Spring, I opened up a bottle of French red wine and went to work decorating my “space”. Actually what I was really doing was celebrating my new singleness. New life! New space! Yes….

my new space
my new space

There really is something to be said for outdoor living space. My area is thankfully covered, and I thoroughly enjoy sitting outside during a heavy rainstorm. Listening to the sound of nature, as loud as it gets, is relaxing for me. Then, as the storm passes, the new found noises of the world moving about again. Birds, cars, kids, dogs, skate boards, bicycles. Passersby.

So, today I found this article from Sharing a front porch with you.

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