Home Sweet Home…after a week in Chicago….

Last week I participated in an annual event called the Leadership Summit held by the National Association of Realtors. Each year incoming association presidents attend with their association executives for two days of leadership networking and idea sharing.  So, with Marc Lebowitz, ACAR’s Association Executive, we headed east. I was one of more than 900 Presidents-Elect in attendance from all across the country. The event was a concentrated two days filled with new ideas, old ideas with a new twist, and an experience to last a lifetime. This trip also served to remind me about some of the leadership ideas I forgotten about, too. After all, you never stop learning…..

This week gave me insights about the real estate profession and the challenge I have accepted in being elected to serve as an association president. What will my goals be? Can and will my goals change mid-year? What happens when  unforeseen obstacles arise – how will I deal with them?

Then, there is the “we” part of leadership. With my “team” in place – my Board of Directors & staff – how do we effectively deliver the message of the importance of membership and participation in our association? Can we find better way to deliver the tools that enable each and every agent to be more effective in their real estate activities? Can we find a better way to deliver the message of the importance of RPAC and our REALTORS® Community Foundation?

In a word… “Yes”.  I do believe we can deliver that message…loud and clear.

We might not be able to accomplish everything we set out to do, but, working together, with determination, we can do things we never before though possible.

I am looking forward to the challenges that are ahead. I am looking forward to a year of working with my directors, staff, and committee members who are either already, or soon will be, my REALTOR® friends and family.

Remember, as long as we can see the opportunities ahead, we can collectively rise to meet any challenge!

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