Yesterday I offered to join a friend on her drive to Centerville, just north of Idaho City, because she had to remove a lockbox from a withdrawn listing. It was a beautiful, late afternoon drive along the rivers and creeks, with views of mountains and trees in Boise County. We listened to music, laughed and talked.

On our way back to Boise, she wanted to stop at a friend’s, actually a past client that she had become friends with. This really does happen to good real estate agents, you know….clients do become friends.

Driving on to their 10 acres was the beginning of a magical night. I met V, Pete, Brennan, Spencer and Quentin.  I met their chickens. I met their zest for life and living in a rural setting. I met their chaotic home, but how can a home be a home without good chaos when there are children present?  

But most of all, I met their magic. Each member of this family had a special brightness in their eyes and the energy was so overwhelming it brought tears to my eyes. I was so determined to go home and make pasta last night. I quickly deferred because I was enchanted with this family.  Stay for dinner, heck yes!

Brennan told me all about the bears who had come to their home – one even got in the kitchen window and had whatever was on the kitchen counters.  Spencer played a piece he had written on their piano, and played beautifully.  Quentin proudly explained everything else about their home and his Lego collection. Water guns, chickens, the chicken’s names, books, rocks, a collection of bottle caps, flowers, vegetables (these boys ate their vegetables!!). Each child was so very bright and intelligent; truly gifted boys. And, the parents are a reflection on just why the boys were so bright. Welcoming and genuine.

Thank you, Susan, for stopping at their home and thank you to the family who provided a very special evening and dinner.

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