Pay Attention!

I inadvertently went to the wrong party last night but still had a great time. I am still laughing about it, too. Thank goodness I am no wallflower!

I walked in to what I thought was the location because I just knew it was in the vicinity, noticing the crowd was a bit subdued. Ok, I thought, I will proceed to introduce myself. I did just that and realized quickly, wait a minute. The folks here are in a completely different industry than what I thought was the intention. Wait a minute. Yeegads, I am at the wrong party!

 And this simply gave me fuel for the fire. I was on a roll. I continued to introduce myself, asking who the “head cheese” was so I could thank him for the party. This guy was surrounded by a bevy of women, and I said to those by me, well, Jeff is “busy with the ladies” so I will wait. But just the inflection and how I said that was the icing on the cake. More laughter. I am thinking by now I truly missed my calling. Hmmmm …..comedy perhaps?

 One nice young business person suggested I stay and get a glass of wine. Heck, yeah that’s what I wanted to hear. I asked my girlfriend what she wanted and moved out of the group I was entertaining to head to the bar. Not so fast. I was headed off at the pass by a woman who said, “I don’t think I know you?” Of course you don’t – I am crashing the party for goodness sakes!

 After telling my story and recanting the “Jeff is busy with the ladies” line, I graciously told her thank you and wished her well. If she had only offered that glass of wine! Since she did not, we left. As we walked down the street, we had tears in our eyes from laughing about what had just happened. Too bad we didn’t stay because we certainly were the life of that party!

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